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I am...

...well, me, of course. But I also have traits shared by:

What Is Your Anime Hair Color?

What Is Your Anime Eye Color?

Are You Meer Or Lacus?

What MMPPP Princess Are You?

What Tokyo Mew Mew Character Are You?

Which Sailor Scout Are You?

What Anime Personality Are You?

What Magic Knight Are You?

What Genre Of Manga Are You?

Which Inuyasha Character are You?

What Role Do You Play In An Anime?

Which Highschool Of The Dead Character Are You?

What Anime Season Are You?

What Is Your Level Of Randomness?

How Mature Do You Think?

What Tsubasa Character Are You?

Which Chobits Character Are You?

Which Zelda Character Are You?
Yoy? :XD:
What Color Link Are You?

What Zelda Sidekick Character Are You?

Which Triforce Do You Hold?

What Wedding Peach Love Angel Are You?

What Gundam Seed Theme Song Are You?

Which Hidamari Apartment Resident Are You?

Are You The Sun, Moon, Or Earth?

Special to Me

+Winter's Glow+ by InuKagomeluvrsRo and Geish by KiteBoy1Sailing Moon WIN- Comission by Svetlania by NiarahimeFor Niarahime by Kyo-is-my-LoVeR01Warm Embrace by rachelegrangerNiarahime: Sakura-Sailor Moon by AnyafishZero-G by WhisperwingsTeen Titan OC Ro by Amara-nthineG: Niarahime by haydenmaye

Art that is very special to me, because it was made for me! (Through request, prizes, friendship, or comission!)
Thank you all SO much!! :love: :tighthug: :deviation: :iconlawooplz: :iconbowplz:


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Tagged! Quiz Questions

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 11, 2014, 9:42 AM
I was tagged by AlixOTMA18! Sorry it took so long, I've been really busy. (And sorry I haven't done the music one yet, I've been having issues with my MP3 player...)

1. One of your scars, how did you get it? Surgery on my thumb when I was a kid.

2. What is on the walls in your room? Calendar, anime/manga/game posters, figure displays, decorative little mirror.

3. Do you snore, grind your teeth, or talk in your sleep? I clench my teeth in my sleep. Once in a while I talk, but not recently, according to my convention roommates. :XD:

4. What type of music do you listen to? J-Pop, anime/game soundtracks, movie soundtracks.

5. Do you know what time you were born? 7:20pm.

6. What do you want more than anything right now? …I don’t know.

7.  What do you miss? The townhouse…

8. What is your most prized possession? Sawyer. But she’s not really a possession… she’s my precious cat.

9. How tall are you? Short-ish. Been same height since I was 12. (Over 5 feet, but not much.)

10.  Do you get claustrophobic? No, not really.

11.  Do you get scared in the dark? No.

12.  The last person to make you cry? Not sure. I cry whenever I get mad.

13. What is your favourite perfume for a girl? Cherry blossoms.

14. What kind of hair/eye colour do you like on the opposite sex? …Doesn’t really matter.

15. Where can you see yourself being proposed to? Somewhere romantic… under the stars… >///<

16. Coffee or energy drink? Neither. Cola. (Anything coffee needs lots of chocolate in it to make it edible.)

17. What is your favourite pizza topping? Pepperoni and mushroom!

18. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be? Breakfast.

19. ? There is no number 19. :XD:

20.  Have you ever eaten a goldfish? Um, no. And the crackers don’t agree with me, either.

21. What was the first meaningful gift you ever received? I don’t remember a first, but my brother got me  a “Sweet 16” charm for my bracelet when I turned 16. ^^

22.  Do you like anybody? Yes.

23. Are you double jointed? No, but my brother is.

24. Favourite clothing brand? Don’t have one. As long as it’s comfortable and it fits.

25. ? There is no  number 25. :XD:

26. Do you have a pet right now? Yes.

27. What kind is it? A Siberian Forest Cat.

28. Would you fall in love knowing that he/she is leaving? Yes. Love is love, no matter the distance between you. And in today’s world, with cell phones and computers and Skype and all that… distance isn’t really that far anymore. ^^

29. What is the best way to tell someone how much they mean to you? Be there for them, good times and bad. Listen, and be supportive, even when you can’t do anything yourself.

30. Type a number from one to one hundred! 55!

31. Blondes or brunettes? Doesn’t matter.

32. What is the one number you call most often? Home.

33. What annoys you most? People who choose to be ignorant rather than educating themselves.

34. Have you been out of the USA?  I’ve never been to the USA. I’ve never been out of Canada, though. (Unless you count that time we were on the Maid of the Mist at Niagara falls. I think we technically went over the border a bit. :XD:)

35. Your weaknesses? Babies, animals, and cute things.

36. Met anyone famous? I’ve met Star Trek: Voyager actors Ethan Phillips and Robert Picardo, as well as voice actors Richard (Ian) Cox, J. Michael Tatum, and Monica Rial. ^^

37.  First job? French Fry Girl.

38. Ever done a prank call? Not on purpose.

39. Do you swear? Sometimes, but only a little.

40. What were you doing before filling this out? Watching new episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012).

41. Have you ever had surgery? Yes. See question 1.

42. What do you get complimented about the most? Being helpful.

43. Have you ever had braces? Yep. 3 years, baby!

44. What do you want for your birthday? Ranma ½ 2-in one vol. 5 (contains vols. 9 & 10).

45. How many kids do you want? One, maybe two.

46. Were you named after anyone? My great-grandmother.

47. Do you wish on stars? Sometimes, but just for fun. Just wishing and praying alone doesn’t accomplish anything- only doing it yourself gets it done. Learned that the hard way.

48.  ? There is no number 48. :XD:

49. What kind of shampoo do you use? Whatever we have.

50. Do you like your handwriting? Yes.

51. What is your favourite lunch meat? Hungarian Salami.

52. Any bad habits? I like to be lazy when I don’t have to do anything… I drink too much cola.

53. What CD are you most embarrassed to have on your shelf? …None of them.

54. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? Depends on what kind of person I’d be if I were another person.

55.  ? There is no number 55. :XD:

56. Do looks matter? Not really. Attitude and heart matter more.

57. How do you release anger? I yell, I cry, I throw pillows around.

58. Where is your second home? Work. (Well, not spiritually, but I’m there often enough. :XD: )

59. ? There is no number 59. :XD:

60. What was your favourite toy as a child? My teddy.

61. How many numbers are in your cell phone? Um… like, 10? 15, maybe?

62.  Were you a fan of Barney as a kid? Yes.

63. Do you use sarcasm? Noooo, never. Roll - Smiley Eyes 

64. Mashed potatoes or macaroni and cheese? Mac and cheese! Especially if it’s Kraft Dinner!

65. What do you look for in a guy/girl? Intelligence, kindness, hard-working, honesty, loyalty.

66. What are your nicknames? Rei, Lacus.

67. What’s your favourite band/singer? For English-speaking? The Goo Goo Dolls. For Japanese, I like TM Revolution, Rie Tanaka, Momoiro Clover Z, BOA, V6, Peach Hips...

68. What’s your favourite TV show(s)? CSI, Bones, The First 48, TMNT, Teen Titans, Avatar: TLA, The Legend of Korra, RWBY; Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon Crystal, Ranma ½, InuYasha, Mermaid Forest, Gundam SEED, Gundam SEED Destiny, Spice & Wolf, Hidamari Sketch, The Kindaichi Case Files, Ah! My Goddess, My Bride is A Mermaid, Emma: A Victorian Romance, Claymore, Cardcaptor Sakura…

69. What was your ACT SAT score? My what now? …I don’t think I’ve ever done one.

70. What’s your favourite ice cream flavour? Peanut butter chocolate!

71. Do you have all of your fingers and toes? As of this typing, yes.

72. When was the last time you worked out? :XD: Too long ago.

73.  Did you notice that there was no number 64? Yes there was.

74. What’s the fastest you’ve ever gone in a car? Um… really fast?

75. Do you want everyone to answer these questions? Only if they want to.

76.  What are you listening to? Bad Apple English duet fandub by Ashe.

77. ? There is no number 77. :XD:

78.  Last person you talked to on the phone? My mom.

79. The first thing you notice in the opposite sex? How they present themselves, their mood.

80. Favourite thought-provoking songs? Kimi no boku nite iru, Fields of Hope, Shizukana yoru ni, Four Seasons, At the Beginning, You’ll Be in My Heart, Colors of the Wind, Let it Go.

81. Favourite thing to hate? Haters; Know-It-Alls who don’t know anything (especially pertaining to those who think they know better than the creator/artist/writer of a series).

82. Favourite month of the year? Late fall, early winter. So… October, November?

83. Favourite Zodiac sign? Scorpio (mine).

84. ? There is no number 84. :XD:

85. What is your hair colour? Ash blonde.

86.  Eye colour? Grey-blue.

87.  ? There is no number 87. :XD:

88. ? There is no number 88. :XD:

89.  Favourite fast food restaurant? Tie between Subway and Harvey’s.

90. You like sushi? Only tuna and veggie sushi.

91. Last thing you watched? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012 version).

92. Favourite day of the year? …any day I have off.

93. Play any musical instruments? The flute. But not for years… :XD:

94. Republican or Democrat? Neither. I’m Canadian. But anyone but the Conservatives!

95. Kisses or hugs? Chocolate kisses!

96. Relationships or one-night stands? Relationships.

97.  What is the last thing you bought? A cake and a frozen turkey.

98. What kind of car do you have? Don’t have one.

99. What book are you reading? “Death du Jour” by Kathy Reichs.

I tag... whoever wants to do it!

  • Mood: Hungry
  • Listening to: The TV
  • Reading: Death du Jour
  • Watching: Halloweentown
  • Playing: Tales of the Abyss


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What's Your Favourite Rumiko Takahashi Series? 

7 deviants said InuYasha
5 deviants said Ranma 1/2
1 deviant said Yurusei Yatsura
1 deviant said Never read any of them (You're missing out, dude! O.O)
No deviants said Maison Ikkoku
No deviants said RIN-NE
No deviants said Mermaid Saga(/Forest)
No deviants said One Pound Gospel
No deviants said Rumic Theater
No deviants said Other (I missed one? :nuu:)


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